Vultr reopens $2.5 plan for all locations, IPv6 Only

Vultr has made a very commendable move, reopening the $2.5 plan for all locations, unlimited registrations. However, we only have IPv6.

IPv6 Server is a cloud server without IPv4. To connect, you must use the IPv6 protocol, using an IPv6 enabled computer or server.

Moving the $2.5 plan to IPv6 will save a significant amount of cost to vendors thanks to IPv6 resources, not the same as IPv4.

Visit Vultr and sign up for the $2.5 plan here.

How to connect to IPv6 server?

As I said before, you need a computer or server that supports the IPv6 protocol, which means that the network or server service provider must support this protocol.

Currently I have no condition to test how to connect from the computer, I am using Console interface on Vultr or other Cloud Server connect to. Are there any tips I will guide later.

Is it possible to run the website on an IPv6 server and still be able to access it normally?

Fortunately it is possible!

You can use a DNS management service that supports creating IPv6 records (AAAA instead of A for IPv4) such as CloudFlare. Next configured for webserver (Nginx, Apache, Litespeed …) listen under IPv6 address.

This way, you can access the host websites on the IPv6 server as usual.

Visit Vultr here.

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