Vultr stopped offering $2.5, 512MB RAM plan?

Today I checked that it looks like Vultr stopped providing cloud server $2.5, 512MB RAM, 20GB SSD plan. What do you think?

Vultr’s $2.5 cloud server plan has enjoyed a tremendous popularity since its inception. At that time, the registration of a plan is more precious than Bitcoin. I see many people do not use anymore but still try to maintain monthly.

Currently Vultr no longer has this plan in New York and Miami locations anymore, it seems they have left. In addition, attractive locations such as Tokyo or Singapore are regularly sold out, so be patient for a few days to be available and register. What do you think, anyone else need to use this $2.5 plan?

If you have not used Vultr yet, try experimenting with the $25 Free Credit program still in use.

Visit Vultr here.

Update: Currently, Miami package location $2.5 has come back, New York has gone.

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