Vultr VPS service reviews after 10 days of use

After a while using Shared hosting, experiencing many good & bad services, generally not very satisfied. I decided to switch to using a VPS service from a well-known provider to try it out, which is Vultr’s Cloud VPS SSD service. After the first 10 days of use, I will evaluate the basics of this service so that if you intend to use Vultr’s Cloud VSP SSD can refer to more.

1. Quality Service of  Vultr’s Cloud VPS SSD

Must say that the service here is too good, in terms of access speed, stability, past 10 days track, I see no downtime.

I am currently using a cheap VPS package, $5/month, with a server in Tokyo. I use for small website, with moderate traffic should see very good access speed, excellent stability. For you in other areas should select the server near your area to optimize access speed.

2. VPS SSD Price

The price is very cheap, you just spend $2.5/month is possible to get a VPS SSD running very well.

As I’m spending $5/month plan with my website now running is too good. If you only need to make blogs or personal websites have access ~ 5000 visits/day, this $5 plan is comfortable.

3. Advantages and disadvantages of Vultr VPS

After some time using and consulting some other users, I listed some of the following:


  • Cheap price, fast speed.
  • Supports VPS Window to hang software or download / upload high speed. Vultr also allows you to upload .iso files for use.
  • Have a VPS trial for 60 days.
  • Pay with Visa/Master, Paypal and Bitcoin.
  • Intuitive interface, easy to use.


  • No Livechat, only support through ticket. The staff is not really enthusiastic so do not expect too much from them.
  • Some datacenters only allow VPS plans for $5/month or $8/month, not larger packages. Specifically, Singapore, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Sydney.
  • Some features are not really good, especially the DDoS Protection service.

There are still some disadvantages, but Vultr still has a lot of users appreciate (especially the .iso file for VPS Window to hang the software). Hopefully in the future Vultr will continue to improve the quality of service and give more attractive features.

Here are some reviews of Vultr VPS of Coupontree so you can easily decide if you are wondering whether to buy Vultr’s cheap VPS. And do not forget about the free $103 VPS trial at Vultr.

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