[Warning] Suspended operation of AlpNames but unknown cause

Recently, many domainers have been disturbing because of the domain name provider – AlpNames. Do you have a domain here?

The official website https://alpnames.com/ is currently reporting Error 526 Invalid SSL certificate

Back in the past 2 years, on CouponTree there were some posts about AlpNames promotions, the price of .COM domains were only about $4-5. In addition, the renewal price is very soft, only $8.75/year so I see quite a few users of CouponTree registered domain names here. You also have feedback on good customer service, fast payment, no problem until the last few days.

Finding reading on domain forums, I see there are many customers of AlpNames bewildered because they cannot access the official website and management page. AlpNames’ official Facebook and Twitter social networking sites are no longer being updated since November 2018.

Most likely, not just Aplnames only has errors about SSL digital certificates: expired or misconfigured.

There was a case that was auto-renewed for a higher price – $15/.COM domain (instead of $8.75 as usual) without any notice. Some users said that until March 8, 2019, they could still access the domain management page normally. Therefore, the incident seems to have only happened since last weekend.

Since mid-2018, the shareholders of AlpNames have been much disturbed, it seems that since then the company has always been in a state of restructuring, activities have been stalled, only maintaining the minimum customer service. At the present time, Aplnames’s contact information registered with ICANN is no longer valid because the old people have left the company for several months.

So how to manage domain names at AlpNames?

  • Currently, you can log in to manage domain names on AlpNames via https://apal516804.myorderbox.com/, I don’t know if I can transfer or not, because my domain name here has expired.
  • If the situation becomes worse, inaccessible, but the domain name is about to expire, you can write an email to ask for support to send to globralsupport@icann.org of ICANN.
  • Finally, if the situation is even worse – AlpNames no longer works, calmly wait for ICANN’s resolution. As usual, ICANN will implement bulk transfer, choose one or several providers to transfer domain names from AlpNames to. After that, the new provider will contact you and support account registration and domain management.

If you have a domain at AlpNames, check it out now! At the same time, through this incident is also a warning for us: if it is important domains, after registering with promotions, quickly choose to transfer to big and reputable suppliers such as Godaddy, Namecheap, NameSilo to minimize the risk at the lowest level.

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