Web.com owners win big with EIG shares

Siris Capital Group – the company behind Web.com (which co-owns Network Solutions and Register.com), recently became one of the top investors of Endurance International Group (stock code EIGI).

As of June 29, Siris Capital Group owns a 2.39% stake in EIG. At the closing prices that day, the figure was worth about $13.5 million.

(Figures from Yahoo Finance)

This year, EIGI shares soar and this is a great investment if Siris Capital Group has bought at the lowest level. Back at the end of March 2020, the market price of this code closed on March 20 was only $1.49, which was the peak period of the stock market crisis due to COVID 19’s translation.

But to the most recent session on the afternoon of September 4, the price of EIGI shares closed at $6.03, which means profits increased more than 4 times.

It can be said that the coronavirus brings a lot of negative things not only for individuals but also globally; But in a sense, it also benefits investors.

Web.com owns the domain registrars Network Solutions and Register.com. And Endurance International Group includes web hosting companies and domain names such as BlueHost, BuyDomains, and Domain.com, etc.

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