What happens when the domain in GoDaddy expires?

What happens when the domain in GoDaddy expires? That is a question that many new users use domain or near the expiry date to find out. This post is based on Godaddy’s tutorial to provide the most essential information for everyone to know.

Accordingly, your expired domain will have some stages before being sold for sale. Godaddy will send you 3 renewal notification emails. The following timetable will be based on .COM domain:

From the expiration date Information from Godaddy
1st day Renewal reminders with your first billing invoice will be sent to you. If not extended, your domain will “officially expire” and will be parked to GoDaddy server. However, it can be renewed at no extra charge.
4th day You will receive a reminder letter with your 2nd billing statement. You can still renew without any additional charges. Website, email and domain-related services will be stopped.
12th day The third letter is the last one that will be sent. This time, the domain can still be extended without any additional charges.
19th day When the first 18 days expire, the 19th day, if you want to renew the domain, in addition to the renewal fee a year you will have to pay an additional $80 penalty. No one wants to extend this time.
25th day GoDaddy transfers your domain to auction. This stage is very good, if you can wait to be able to buy domain name at very cheap price.
31th day Under the new GoDaddy policy, you can no longer renew your domain.
36th day The deadline for the auction has expired. If no one bid, that domain will be added to the closeout auction list.
41th day The term closeout auction ends.
42th day Domain names will be sold to the highest bidder. If no one bids, the domain will enter the Redemption Prediod.

The summary is as follows:

  • Within the first 18 days, domain renewal will be free of charge.
  • From the 19th to the 30th, renew at the current price and pay a $ 80 penalty for the redemption fee.
  • After the 30th day, it can not be renewed.

Please understand this process to get the right solution when the domain is about to expire.

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