What is a Lifetime Discount Coupon?

If you regularly watch Coupontree, you will probably notice that the promotion will usually be divided into two categories that are:one-time discount coupons and lifetime discount coupons.

One-time discount coupon is easy to understand, is only reduced for a single payment at the time of the promotion. After the first term, the renewal price will be the full price. What is a lifetime discount coupon?

Lifetime discount coupon is the concept first appeared on Coupontree a few years ago, this is a discount coupon when new registration and renewal later. When you renew, you will not have to use a coupon that will be automatically calculated based on the coupon you used for the first order.

For example, this year, you bought a hosting package at StableHost with a 50% lifetime coupon, 1 year term; By 2018, when paying the renewal, you will only have to pay half of the original price, without the coupon, the discount is automatically calculated. The following years are the same.

At providers, if you see the words: Lifetime Discount, Discount For Life or Recurring Discount, then it is the lifetime discount.

Using a lifetime coupon will save you a lot if you decide to use a long term service from a provider.

On Coupontree, lifetime discount coupons are usually used for Hosting, VPS/Server services. Domains do not have a lifetime coupon that usually only decreases for the first year.

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