What is Fiverr? How to make money with Fiverr?

What are your strengths? SEO? Graphics? Web design? Marketing? Translation? Edit video / audio? Excel? Tax return? Market research?

You are very professional. Use it to make money with Fiverr.

How about me? Do not I have any strong points?

Believe me, everyone has their own strengths, only they do not know it. My strength is to speak Vietnamese better than my American friends. Whatever it is, you can still use it to make money with Fiverr!


What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a market for services, people who need money to post about the service or the ability they have to let others hire them to service.

The services on this website are extremely diverse. From the most serious (as mentioned above) to the most “ridiculous”. Example 1 service named: I will name my dog by your name for $5.

This is the biggest service market in the world. It works like Seoclerk, but at a much bigger and more diverse scale. The only difference is that you only sell services and can not sell products on Fiverr. Seoclerk is different, we can sell ebook, software and theme on it.

How to make money with Fiverr?

There are 3 ways:

  1. Selling services
  2. Sell other people’s services for a higher price
  3. Affiliate Marketing

Minimum skill required?

You have to be quite good in English. If not, do not think about it anymore.

The opportunity to make money with Fiverr is increasing.


Take a look at the Google search trend will be clear.

#1 Make money with Fỉverr by selling services

You can post service at Fiverr starting at $5.

2 weeks after the transaction with the successful buyer, you will receive the money. When you withdraw money from Paypal, you will be charged (2.9% + $0.3).

Making a simple calculation, if you sell a service for $5, Fiverr will charge a fee of $1, plus a fee to withdraw from Paypal is (2.9% * $(5-1) + $0.3) = $0.42.

The final amount you will receive is $3.58 instead of $5.

What do I have to calculate?

The purpose is to tell you: “If you think the time you spent is worth the money you earn with Fiverr then join. If not, you should do other work that is more economically efficient“.

I do not mean to imply Fiverr. Many people have made thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars a month with Fiverr.

It is a gold mine for those who take advantage.

If you have accepted the game, we will begin.

First you register Fiverr here.

The registration process is very simple, so I will not need detailed instructions here.

To become a service seller, go to Start Selling >> Become a Seller.

Here you need to declare some information such as: work plan, language, skills, education level, qualifications, describe yourself. Before doing, you should refer to the profiles of other people for reference.

Some requirements are mandatory, others are not. After entering the declaration, you will need to create your first service ad.

This service advertising template is called Gig. You will go through 6 steps to create a Gig.

“How to create Gig?”, I also will not detailed instructions. Do it yourself will understand better than me.

Here is an example of Gig: “I will speed up your WordPress site with Google Pagespeed in 24 hours”.

You see, even if the starting price is only $5, but if the buyer needs more features, can buy packages up to $35 and $55 (Standard and Premium packages).

Is it easy to make money?

Not easy, here is the important part to convince people to buy: Seller profile.

He is rated 5 stars, there are 1,771 reviews and Ohhh… Unexpectedly, he is Vietnamese!

He just finished the last order just 19 hours ago, he must be very rich.

By this example, you can see that anyone can make money with Fiverr, even much money.

There are many ways to increase the level of prestige, beauty review for the profile. This is probably for you to find out. There are many ways to increase the level of prestige, beauty review for the profile. This is probably for you to find out. I do not say here, because I do not want to be a bad person.:(

What to do, finally, quality service is still the most important.

#2 Make money with Fiverr by selling other people’s services

By doing this way, you do not need to have expertise.

You make money by: find a low price Gig, then you post ads to resell this Gig for a higher price.

You can post it on Fiverr or on other sites, like Seoclerk, Freelacer, iWritter.

When someone buys the high price Gig, you will return to Fiverr to order the low price Gig. After receiving the product, you email the buyer at the high price. It’s done. 🙂

It is easy to say, do try to know.

If you have made and earning income from this way, please show everyone the experience.

Hmmm…I would also try, because I do not have the specialty… One day if I make money, I will update the show case in this article for the lively.

#3 Make money by affiliate marketing on Fiverr

This is probably what you are most interested in.

  • No need for expertise.
  • No need to work hard to find customers.
  • But still have money.


Visit this link: https://track.fiverr.com/signup/ to register.

The Fiverrr account consists of two types:

  • Service buy/sell account
  • Affiliate account

So you can not use the buy/sell account as an affiliate account. After signing up for a successful affiliate account, Fiverr will send you an email guide, this is very important email, you should keep it for future reference.

Like other affiliate programs, you introduce Fiverr subscription link for everyone on the media. People will sign up for this link, and if you make a purchase, you will receive a commission.

How does the commission calculate?

  • If a purchase is made, you will receive a $15 commission
  • With some services you will get higher commissions, from $25 to $50! (CPA – Cost per Action)

What? $15, higher than the $5 price? Is it wrong?

That’s right. But you only get commissions on the first order, not lifetime (With Seoclerk, you get 10% of the order but lifetime).

Do not think Fiverr is easy to make money, they counted. You will be paid once a month and at the beginning of the month.

Fiverr also allows you to choose the landing page for affiliate links. This means that you will be able to select which screen you want to display when the visitor clicks the link.

In case you want to introduce a unique product, you can also create a DeepLink.

Just find the Gig that you need to advertise, paste it in this section, press “+”.

This will create your affiliate link on Gig. Your job now is to promote it and get money.


  • There is no easy way to make money online.
  • To succeed requires you to work hard, be creative.
  • Making money with Fiverr is a must try job.

I’m sure one thing, if you are hard to find here, you definitely find your strength. What other people do not have.

Good luck!!!

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