What is ICANN?

ICANN is an international not-for-profit organization that manages all types of domain names worldwide.

ICANN stands for Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, was established on September 18, 1998 and officially became the Internet-related task force under the umbrella of the United States government. September 30, 1998.

The organization is responsible for managing Internet infrastructure such as:

  • Manage domain name system information on the Internet.
  • Manage, distribute and authorize the allocation of IP addresses for each specific area.
  • Provide reasonable policies for the development and internationalization of the Top-level Domain.

The list of all domain names belonging to a TLD (.COM, .NET, .ORG, etc) is stored in a database called Registry. A registry manager, also known as a network information center (NIC), manages this directory. See the complete list of registry operators here.

You buy the domain name directly from the service provider – Registrar. These are companies that are authorized to sell domain names. You can view the full list of providers on the ICANN official site.

ICANN’s work is based on the fundamental principle of maintaining the stability of the Internet.

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