What is the hidden domain registration information?

Hidden domain registration information service helps you hide your personal information when registering your domain name with others when they make Whois.

The Importance of Securing, Hiding Domain Information

When you register a domain name, you will need to provide some personal information with the provider such as: name, company, address, telephone number, email address. This information becomes available to anyone looking up your domain name (Whois) through websites like https://who.is, https://whois.domaintools.com

The bad news is that daily there are a lot of spammers or scammers using this available source of information to advertise, harass, bother with fraudulent content. To avoid being taken advantage of, some of you use fake information – it violates ICANN’s rules and may result in your domain being revoked or difficult to recover in the event of a dispute.

By using the private domain name protection service – Private Whois, you can immediately secure your information. By activating this service, the provider will replace your contact details in the Whois with generic, non-valuable information.

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The domain owner information only you and the domain name provider know. If you register domain names in providers like GoDaddy, rest assured that even the requesting government can not receive any information.

Note: If you plan to transfer the domain name to another provider, remember to turn off domain name security soon, as it takes 60 days to transfer the domain name. It is best to restrict transfers to domains that need security.

Each provider will have its own domain name privacy service. For example, GoDaddy has Domain Privacy, WhoisGuard of Namecheap or Domain Privacy at Domain.com… There is also a big difference in price because there are providers charging for the service, and there are providers who offer this service free of charge when buying a domain. You will be free for the first year of use of this Namecheap service, while Namesilo will be free lifetime with the domain name.

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