What is Web Hosting?

Based on our experience in researching Web Hosting Services, CouponTree will clarify the concept of “What is Web Hosting?” and technical specifications, knowledge, types of Web Hosting as well as to help you choose the best Web Hosting package that best suits your needs.

What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is space on servers that have Internet services such as world wide web(www), file transfer(FTP), mail, etc, you can use to save web content or data in that space.

Web Hosting is also the place where all transactions, exchange of information between the website with Internet users and supports Internet software works. Enterprises can choose to rent Web Hosting service provider (ISP) with capacity suitable for the website size. In any form (self-equipped server or server rental), enterprises should have the necessary knowledge about Web Hosting and Web Server.

The reason you have to hire Web Hosting to contain web content, mail service, ftp, because those computers always have a fixed address when connecting to the Internet (that is IP address), If you are accessing the internet as usual via the Internet Service Provider (IPS), the IP address on your computer is always changing, so your local data can not be accessed from other machines on Internet.

What are the requirements and features needed for Web Hosting?

  • First of all, talk about speed. Hosting to run Web services must be configured large enough to ensure smooth processing, serving the large number of visitors. High-speed connection to ensure data congestion.
  • Hosting must be maintained, updated, maintained regularly to avoid technical and security risks.
  • Web Hosting must have a large enough capacity (in MBytes) to store all the information, data, images, etc of the Website.
  • There must be enough bandwidth to serve the exchange activities of the Website.
  • FTP server support for updating information.
  • Support for programming languages as well as databases for implementing software on the Internet or available writing tools for website transactions such as sending mail, uploading web site, products, news, etc.
  • Full support for Email services such as POP3 E-mail, E-mail Forwarding, DNS, ect.
  • Web Hosting management interface to easily manage the website, FTP account, Email, etc.
  • Do not insert the banner of the provider.

What is the capacity of Web Hosting?

The capacity of Web Hosting is the amount of space you are allowed to store your data on the server’s hard drive. As mentioned above, you rent a Web Hosting just as you rent an office in a building. So here, the capacity of Web Hosting is the same as the area of your office.

What is the bandwidth of Web Hosting?

The bandwidth of Web Hosting is the amount of data (in MBytes) exchanged between your website and users in a month. For example, if you upload a file size of 1MB to your website and 100 customers download the file, you spend a total of 101MB of bandwidth.

These are all concepts related to Web Hosting, hopefully after reading this article you already understand “What is Web Hosting?“. Thanks for reading!!!

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