Which Web Hosting service is right for the online shop?

If you have an online shop then the choice of suitable Web Hosting is not a simple matter. To run a successful online shop, you need to bring your customers a comfortable and intuitive experience. If you choose the wrong Web Hosting, you can slow down the performance that leads to customer self-abandonment and possibly never return.

Below we will help you to find the best web hosting service for your online shop.

5 factors to evaluate whether Web Hosting service is suitable or not

1. Performance and traffic allowed

As your website grows, you will need a Web Hosting that can automatically update. What you are looking for can be a hosting that supports traffic and expands existing resources without experiencing a drop in performance. Depending on the size of the shop and the number of visits, you may want to consider using a hosting that is appropriate to achieve cost savings.

2. Stable operation time

When your website is offline, you will not be able to make a deposit. Some hosting services will guarantee uptime for you, providing you with some form of refund in the time your website is offline. However, this amount may be less than what your site earns when it is active.

So instead of looking for a service provider that accepts a refund for you, look for a reputable service provider with a stable hosting.

3. Security features and SSL support

Data security for customers is always a priority. Data and sensitive customer information such as credit card details need to be securely encrypted.

The best way to be proactive in securing your website is to install an SSL certificate.

4. Professional technical support team

When you encounter a problem with the hosting, you’ll want to resolve the issue as soon as possible. During this time, any errors in performance or uptime will result in poor user experience and revenue impact.

A good technical support team may not be important until you encounter a hosting crash in the middle of a big sale. Timely support and professionalism will be what you need most.

5. Automatic backups often

If one day wakes up, all your product data disappears. What you will do? Surely this is something you do not want. But no one can be sure that it will not happen. What you need to do to prevent such situations is to prepare the backup plan.

The best defense is having automatic and regular web backups. Depending on your Web Hosting, you may be provided regular backups as part of your hosting package. However, you should also create your own backups through a plugin or other software.

Share Hosting

Most Share Hosting is selected because it is cheap and easy to set up for newbie. However, the downside is that you are sharing hosting resources with a lot of other sites. Share Website hosting with moderate traffic. But if it’s a growing e-commerce website, it’s likely to be a problem with performance, uptime and security.

If you plan to scale your website, then perhaps you should upgrade your Web Hosting to Cloud VPS or Dedicated Server.

Cloud VPS

Rather than having a single server environment, Cloud VPS creates a huge network of resources. The nature of cloud storage makes it extremely easy to scale up your site.

With cloud storage, you get high levels of performance and security, and you will not have to worry about your site going offline due to traffic increases. Cloud VPS also offers you flexible pricing structure where you only pay for the resources you use.

Dedicated Server

Using a dedicated server means that you will not share server resources with anyone. You have the whole server at your disposal. This means that your site will not experience any problems with your download speed, performance or uptime due to other sites on this server.

Dedicated servers will be more expensive. However, it will provide incredible performance for your online shop, along with a very high level of security. For most dedicated servers, you will also need some technical skills to manage the server efficiently.

We hope that after this sharing you can choose the Web Hosting suitable for your online shop. Good luck!

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