Why does NameSilo domain name update record very slowly?

NameSilo has received a lot of trust from readers of CouponTree, however many people have difficulty updating IP, changing the record here.

There are quite a lot of emailers and commentators asking me about the reason why the NameSilo domain has been updated for a few days and still does not work?

Of course I know the problem and have noted the information in the Domain Name Management in NameSilo tutorial already. This article will analyze in more detail.

Take for example a domain redirect on Coupontree.co, registered several years ago at NameSilo, these are automatic records created at that time:

What’s special? This is an unusually high TTL parameter. The cause for the domain name record here is slow update is caused by TTL.

Time-To-Live (TTL) is the maximum time a record is recorded on the DNS server, in seconds. This time, the more slowly your DNS changes are updated.

In the above example, the A record has a default TTL of 172816 seconds, so if you change the IP then up to 2 days the new domain receives the change. This time may be longer, depending on the browser or network service provider that has the old IP address cache or not.

I noticed from the first days of use, NameSilo has default TTL parameters very high. It seems they also recognize the problem so it has changed gradually. Currently, when creating a record, the default value is about 7200, if adjusted, the lowest is only 3600 seconds, equivalent to up to an hour domain name will be updated DNS server record.

Compared with CloudFlare, their default TTL is set at 300 seconds, equivalent to a maximum of 5 minutes (or maybe a minimum of 120 seconds ~ 2 minutes). DNS will be updated.

So what’s the solution?

If you do not want to change the name server to another intermediate DNS, when you create a record on NameSilo, let’s leave TTL be at the lowest level of 3600.

In some cases, the change is already working, but you need to turn off the browser completely, clear the cache again to get new records. Or use another browser instead.

If you want to use the new IP immediately, or check the domain with the new IP running okay before changing the DNS, do not forget to refer to the file hosts editing tips that I shared 2 years ago.

If you have any tips, share them by leaving a comment below.

Visit NameSilo here.

Good luck.

Note: This article not only works with NameSilo, but also applies to all other domain and DNS server providers.

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